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Get Web Savvy.

The Cevado blog will help you stay up to date with the latest Cevado web advancements. The Cevado blog is where technology and innovation converge. Let’s succeed together.

What’s Happening, what’s interesting, what do you need to know?.  Cevado’s blog will help you keep up to date with the ever changing technology in the real estate industry and help you take control of your future. With the right tools, you have the opportunity for real, scalable growth in your market. All it takes is connecting to the right people and getting their attention.

Because having a website is no longer enough to get your company noticed in the marketplace, the blog now helps and serves as an invaluable inbound marketing tool.  If you have a blog that you’re not using, you’re missing out on some great marketing opportunities. The Cevado blog brings you digital marketing trade secrets, the latest on Search Engine Optimization, and the stories that make Cevado so incredibly unique in our field.

You’ve got a world of knowledge ready and waiting for you. Whether you want to grow your blog’s success or you want to scale your real estate group, the Cevado Blog will have everything you need and more…

Straight from the glorious Lake Chelan Valley, in the heart of Washington State, the Cevado Blog brings you insight to the digital marketing world along with the notion that balance in career and the simple appreciation for the world around you has a value that helps you develop your company’s cultural standards. From branding to paddle boarding, there is success where you look for it. Welcome to our blog.

Is iDNS a scam? The answer is yes. Here’s why.

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The Big, Giant Ethic Fail: Domain Slamming - Avoid being the Victim of this Scam. Domain slamming is an old trick developed by scammers that keeps evolving and getting harder to suss [...]

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White Hat VS Black Hat SEO

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    Let’s talk about SEO - Search Engine Optimization (or, how to get found on Google)! This entry is a bit long but packed with information. Just a heads up you [...]

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Google’s new algorithm could cost you customers.

By | August 17th, 2016|Categories: News|

    Okay, folks here's the deal, is your website set up for mobile? There's this new thing called "Mobilegeddon" (well, the new version of it anyhow). Apparently, folks are freaking out [...]

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