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Cevado creates the best real estate websites for agents, brokers, and property managers. With options ranging from our easy to use templates, to custom designs for your office. We get to know your brand, include your logo, color scheme, and favorite photos. Then we add your MLS and featured listings. We are passionate about letting YOU be front and center for your branding!

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We love helping our clients DO BETTER. That’s why we have created our customizable products and solutions to help you level up in your real estate game.  We will help you with tips and tricks on how to utilize social media, how to change your habits, and how to establish yourself as an industry leader and much more. Enjoy!

Buyers & Sellers

We’ve been serving the Real Estate community for over 20 years! Our team cares about you and your brand, we know what the buyers and sellers in the region are looking for and have created customizable pages and designs that feature tips and strategies for your potential clients and leads.

Lifestyle Designs

Our award winning custom real estate lifestyle websites give you an unparalleled presence and create your brand as THE ultimate expert in your community. These fully custom designs give you the control of your blog posts, local business guide, visitor maps, events calendar, tours, and more!

Property Management

Display your rental listings directly and effortlessly on a mobile first website with us. We integrate your Appfolio™, Buildium®, or Rentec Direct© software to post your available properties and screen potential tenants. We customize your tools to outline your business to its full potential.

Intuitive IDX

Our dynamic IDX displays your MLS directly on your website! Enabling viewers to search for properties on a map or list view directly in the palm of their hand. Positioning YOU as the market leader, and compelling users to give you their valuable contact info.

Lead Management

It’s a simple & effective CRM lead management tool that integrates seamlessly with Cevado’s Rocket platform and Mercury IDX. With just one log in you can manage your emails, text messaging, campaigns, reminders, and more!


Our SEO specialists optimize your site for your local real estate keywords and increase your search engine traffic! We consider the entire picture when it comes to marking your site and setup your Google Analytics to track traffic and usage of your site.

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Cevado Real Estate Websites


Simply put, we create digital power tools for real estate agents, brokers and teams – including websites with cool, scaleable, and highly customizable modules. These proprietary tools are designed to help you get more leads, more listings, and more sales – and make your day a little brighter in the process!



And user-focused. Clean code. Sharp architecture. The right things at the right time. Here at Cevado, we are obsessed with creating the perfect tools for YOU to help you grow your listings, increase your closings, and SAVE TIME.

Real Estate Web Design


We are committed to your success.
Yes, companies say that all the time and don’t mean it. But here, we really do. Our powerful, close-knit team is located in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington State. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Lake Chelan, we believe in what we do and your success is the first of our Core Values. We promise to love and protect our clients. We will work tirelessly to bring you new opportunities, to support your efforts, to assist your endeavors and ultimately, for us all to celebrate together when you WIN with CEVADO!

Cevado Real Estate Websites

The Cevado Difference

  • Mobile First Design & Development

  • We are insanely passionate about our clients!

  • We are small enough to be nimble, but big enough to give you gold-star support.

  • We understand Real Estate and have been serving the industry for over 20 years.

  • Our diverse background and team brings a rich dynamic tapestry of talent to you from across disciplines.

  • We’ve been doing real estate websites since the very beginning. You won’t find many companies who have been in the industry this long….. In fact, we got started with Real Estate about the same time that people really started using Google for search!

  • Our backend editor offers drag-and-drop editing to allow you endless opportunity to create your own website, JUST the way you want to!


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