WHEN YOU’RE GOOD… and we are good at what we do!

“Cevado Technologies has provided my website for about 14 years. I’ve always been pleased with their responsiveness and thoughtfullness. Customer service is a real person who is knowledgeable. For an example of their work, check out my website at www.SWColoradoProperties.com. I recommend them to anyone who asks about my website.”

 – Bonnie Leighton

“Jenn and the team at Cevado are experts who listen to what your business needs. Customer service is great. Jenn is also an inspiring leader, thinker, and writer. Her Words for the Weekend are part of my weekly must reads.”

 – Cindy Radke

“Although we have not met, Jenn has been helpful and informative when I have had questions and needed assistance with my website. She writes interesting and well crafted articles in her Cevado newsletters, and provides regular updates on innovations and products. Hal sends”

 – Harold Skaarup

Testimonials Real Estate Marketing Tools Cevado Technologies,in Chelan, WA, purchased by Jenn Tate, owner of Earth & Sky Studios in Twisp, is one of five companies in the Northwest to receive a Business of the Year Torch Award for Ethics from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The award honors companies whose leadership demonstrates a high level of personal character and ensures the organization’s practices meet the highest standards of ethics, and consequently generates trust, according to a BBB press release. Cevado Technologies, which designs websites for local businesses and other customers throughout the United States has 18 employees. The company has received high praise from its customers, community partners and vendors, according to the BBB release. Having ethical business practices is a high priority for the group, Tate said. “Ethics in business is the foundation of why I get up every day,” she said. “If we have ethics at the highest level at every part of our organization – there’s no way we can’t succeed. I believe that it is absolutely invaluable.” The Business of the Year recipients are chosen by volunteer judges from third-party community organizations and past award recipients. Cevado Technologies was founded in 1996 and specializes in real estate websites. Earth & Sky Studios, founded in 1999, provides businesses and nonprofit organizations with brand identity, marketing, website development, graphic design and social media strategy.
 – Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Testimonials Real Estate Marketing Tools I have been working with Cevado since 2007. At that time, real estate websites were still fairly new, yet there were quite a few companies offering services. I researched extensively, asked a million questions, and was highly impressed with Cevado’s product: mainly that Cevado would let me create as many custom links that I desired. I have been extraordinarily happy with Cevado – their products, their customer service and pricing. I am what they call a ‘power user’ – I employ pretty much every option they offer – and have had to ask customer service for help on many different features. Cevado has always treated me well. I get responses, I get information, I get quick fixes. I have referred many, many people to Cevado and will continue to do so.
 – Eileen T

Testimonial Real Estate Marketing Tools I have been a client with Cevado Technologies since about 2003. They set up my first and only website (www.SWColoradoProperties.com) and I have had great results from that website. I feel 85%-90% of my buyers come from my personal website. Cevado support has always been awesome and have gone overboard to help me with any questions or challenges I am having. The sales department keeps me abreast of new options they can provide. Some worked and some didn’t in my rural area. They amicably removed the options that didn’t work and have continued to upgrade the services they provide. At one point we had a billing challenge that I was the one that didn’t catch until several months later. When I called accounting they gave me a credit with no fuss. I’ve known several other Realtors who have tried several different website providers and they’re never happy. I am totally content with Cevado.
 – Bonnie L

Testimonials Real Estate Marketing Tools ERA King has enjoyed a more than 10 year relationship with Cevado.  During that time our web presence has grown year after year.  The overriding values that the Cevado team (especially Fletcher) has brought to the table are with our other technological  partnerships.  As new web based technologies and opportunities continue to evolve it seems that without the Cevado interaction we would continually be challenged with implementation.  They are always eager to listen to the challenge and provide solutions.  They are involved in every phase of ERAKing.com from SEO, syndications, over 100 agent web sites and everything in-between.  Thank you Cevado.
 – Everett King

Testimonials Real Estate Marketing Tools “I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate both the technical advantages your company provides to us on our website with all of the value added features that are included and also your personal professional service. We are generating leads for our agents at a higher rate every day and I feel that it is because the richness of our website allows prospective buyers to get so much information in a format that holds their attention. Our office has doubled its sales volume every year since you took over our website and we see no end in sight. We have been in a slowing market in our community for the last several months and we are the only office of the top five competitors in our market that is showing a gain let alone the more than 100% growth we are seeing.”
 – Chuck O

Testimonials Real Estate Marketing Tools “I wanted to let you know that I am completely satisfied with the new company website you guys built for us. The search is awesome and the website itself is easy to manage and gives our company the professional look we desired. All of that said, I have to tell you that for me it’s all about support and Cevado passes the test with flying colors. Keep up the good work!”
 – Mark P

Testimonials Real Estate Marketing Tools “Cevado is the website provider for our 20 agent firm and I recommend them highly. During the initial design phase and subsequent site maintenance I’ve been impressed by: Their outstanding tech support including call backs from programmers and business rule experts when needed. The flexibility of their site templates which should appeal to both novice and advanced site builders. The reasonable cost and short turn around times to complete custom design. The zero down time we’ve experienced since moving our site to Cevado.”
 – Jan D

Testimonials Real Estate Marketing Tools “I was extremely pleased with the service that I received from Cevado.com. I love my website and all of their representatives were so helpful along the way. All of the design work and modifications were done in a timely manner and they were great about communicating and training me how to access and make changes to my own site. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants a sharp and professional website. Cevado.com is fantastic!”
 – Debbie D

Testimonials Real Estate Marketing Tools “Thank you and I’ve loved my website. It is the best dollar for dollar investment I’ve made in Real Estate.”
 – Tenna T

Testimonials Real Estate Marketing Tools Great job! You and your team are true professionals. I think the site is right on. Thanks again for a job well done. Looking forward to doing business with your system.
 – Ron Laino

Testimonials Real Estate Marketing Tools The customer service that your company has is excellent compared to the other companies we have used. They never returned phone calls, emails, or any other questions so thanks again.
 – Christopher Rivera

Testimonials Real Estate Marketing Tools “I am a devout supporter of your product after the service I’ve been shown. I have continued to promote you internally and when asked by outside brokers about web services, I have not only given your name, but also walked them through the different sites that I had seen and how your options work. I can honestly say that I have been extremely impressed with the follow up and communication by your team with every broker in my office. I have had several of my brokers come to me after their sites went live and had them discuss how happy they have been.”
 – John G

Testimonials Real Estate Marketing Tools “I have SOOOOOO appreciated your help and patience since we first started working together in 2009. You have talked me through a lot of stumbling blocks that I often created myself. And you were always very responsive during the few times there was a web host issue. Just the fact that I usually heard familiar names and voices on the other end of the line and that you were able to talk “Eastern Washington-ese” gave me confidence we had chosen the right company to host our website.

Thank you for 11 years of service and friendship. I know we will all be glad when 2020 comes to an end and we can all look forward to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021.”
 – Shannon “Shan” Kelly