Step 1

Open Outlook Mac. After Outlook has finished Loading completely, click the "Tool" button on the top and then press the "Accounts button".

Step 2

Click on the account you want to edit and your settings will appear on the right.

Give a description to your account, then add your name and full email address.

Use your full Email address as your username and enter your password.

Next you will choose whether you will use a "POP3 or IMAP" setting.

If you use POP3, Put "" in the incoming server and 110 for a port number.

If you use IMAP, put "" in the incoming server and 143 for a port number.

For your SMTP, Your outgoing server is going to be "", and 25 for a port number. if 25 doesn't work, use 2525. Verizon customers will want to use 587.



Your email has been setup!


(If you click the IMAP or POP3 link above, press the back arrow in your browser to return to this page)