Step 1

You will start on your home screen. Find your "Settings" app and press it.

Step 2

Under your settings tab, find your "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" button and press it.

Step 3

In this new menu press the "Add Account..." button

Step 4

In this list of account types press "Other"

Step 5

Put in your "Name, Full Email Address, Password, and Description"

Then press the "Next" button

Step 6

Choose if you are using an IMAP or POP setting.

Then insert your "Name, Address, and Description"

If you are using IMAP server, you will use "" for "Host Name"

If you are using POP server, you will use "" for "Host Name"

Then Insert your full Email for your "User Name" then add your password.


You will use "" for your "Host Name" and your full Email for your "User Name".

Next input your password.

Then scroll up to the top of the page and press the "Next" button




Your email is now set up on your Iphone.


(If you click the IMAP or POP3 link, press the back arrow in your browser to return to this page)