Step 1

Find and Open your "Email" app on your Android device. You will be sent to this page.

Enter your full email address and password. Then press "next".

Step 2

On this page choose the server type you will be using. Then press "next".

Step 3

On this page insert your full email address as your "username" then insert your password.

Choose if you are using POP3 or IMAP for your email.

If you are using IMAP setting, use "" as your "IMAP server" and "143" as your "Port"

If you are using POP setting, use "" as your "POP server" and "110" as your "Port"

Then press "next".


(If you click the IMAP or POP3 link, press the back arrow in your browser to return to this page)

Step 4

On this page use "" as your "SMTP server"

make sure none is selected for security type. Use "25" for your "Port" If it doesn't work, use "2525"

Verizon Customers use "587" for your "Port"

Lastly, insert your full Email address as your "User name" then press "Next".

Step 5

On this page, you can alter how often your android checks the new email.

Once finished, press "Next".

Step 6

On this page, you can give your new account a name on your Android.

Once finished, press "Next".



Your Email is set up on your Android device.