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What I’m Grateful For: The Stars

On clear, cold nights in winter, it always seems the stars are the brightest. I love the deep night sky, spread out like a glittering dark velvet quilt, all the constellations in their January placement, the occasional planet radiating more warmth and less twinkling. I don’t really know many of the stars and constellations beyond the most common – Big Dipper, Little Dipper. Orion’s belt, the sisters in the Pleiades. Scorpio. Sirius keeping his glittering watch. Sometimes I wonder how it would feel, viscerally, if i walked out one night and all the stars were different, if the constellations were rearranged altogether. How would it feel? Would there be a deep unease in the corners of my eyes, an unsettled feeling in my stomach? How long would it take me to realize that the sky was unfamiliar and strange? How quickly would my animal-brain, my ancient knowing instinctive mammal being, understand that everything was changed, and how long would it take my conscious, logical thinking brain to catch up?

What I’m Reading: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. Thank you LISA for sending me this book!

How can it be that I haven’t yet read this book? Because I have been a coward.

The idea of reading a first-hand, detailed account of one man’s life in a concentration camp, where nearly everyone around him dies, fills me with terror. Just the idea of reading the words makes my heart race and my palms sweat. Watching Schindler’s List was one of the worst, yet most profound, three hours and fifteen minutes of my life.

So I’m steeling my resolve and I’m diving in. I know that this is one of those rare and few books that will change my life, and I’m heading in. If you have read it, please share it’s impact on you. If you haven’t, maybe January of 2021 is your time, too.

Web Tip: What are you doing to display (online) the value you bring to a buyer or seller?

Quote I’m Pondering: “That which is to give Light must endure burning.”— Viktor Frankl