What I’m Grateful For: Conversationsbest real estate websites

At our socially-distant, sitting-on-the-grass-in-the-park today, it occurred to me just how great conversations are – long, rambling, disjointed and hopping from topic to topic. Different threads join smaller groups of people, then others join in, then some fall into a sub-group and head down a different path altogether. I think that in COVID times, most of our conversations have been on phone or video calls, which just don’t allow for the myriad of threads, paths and opportunities for different connections and dialogue that a group gathering allows for. It could even be that the distance between us all on the grass encouraged a looser knit camaraderie, a kind of honeycomb where we were all a fair bit apart so could naturally join into one conversation, then another, without feeling awkward or rude.

Thank you Team, for your conversations today!

What I’m ReadingThe Daily Stoic Journal by Ryan Holiday. This I literally JUST got in the mail today, so today is Day 1 of 365 days of short stoic readings and journaling. I am really intrigued by the philosophy of the stoics, and this daily journal is a neat way to apply it in day to day practice. Today’s reading was centered around the concept of staying present in the moment – not worrying or fearing for what the future might hold, but not daydreaming or hoping for an upcoming vacation or a future purchase. I found this very interesting, as most of us know that worrying about the future is not very useful, but it’s far more common to talk about the bright and shiny things we hope the future will hold for us. Interesting to stay firmly rooted in the present, neither longer for, or fearing, what is to come next.

Web Tip: In the land of SEO, content is still king. Make sure you are writing for your human readers first and the Google crawlers second!

Quote I’m Pondering“Not only to bear what is necessary, but to love it.” – Amor Fati