What I’m Grateful For: Summer best real estate websites

This past week, summer suddenly emerged. Most of June was cool and rainy, which is always a good thing with the summer wildfire season never too far away from our minds. So each rainy day I was grateful for the moisture. But the last few days, it got warm – upper 80s, even 90s warm – and my whole being just is enthralled with the warm breezes, the hot sun and the endlessly long evenings we have up here at 48 degrees north. It feels like the air is a languid caress through every open window and whenever I walk outside. I’m grateful right now – even though I know the heat will increase and the fire danger rise as summer progresses – right now, I am staying in the present moment, and relishing it.

What I’m Reading: About greenhouses! Online articles, a few books I picked up, blogs, reviews… that kind of thing. We got a greenhouse this spring and I’m working on learning all about what I will need to know come fall and winter. I will probably have a book to recommend at some point, but since I’m so new to all this, I couldn’t tell you – yet! – which one will be the most useful. I am planning on heating the greenhouse over the winter and growing all year round, so if you have any resources to share with me – send them my way! Thank you!!

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Quote I’m Pondering: Or, how about a poem this time?

“A Chung-nan Mountain Monk”

The voice of success and profit
May stir the vault of heaven,
But not this place.
In the rounds of the day,
You wear thread
bare clothing
And eat simple fare.
When the mountain snow deepens,
Your thoughts
Are far from those of people.
Immortals pass your door
And knock.
— Kuan-hsiu (832–912)