What I’m Grateful For: My Greenhouse, Part I of What is Likely Many, Many Parts best real estate websites

So, we decided to get a greenhouse. It seemed a good idea at the time – start the garden earlier, grow a little later, etc. But then we looked into what could handle our heavy winter snows here, and only one brand really looked like it was up to the task – the German brand Riga. And to get the best-snow-load version, we needed to get the 16mm thick polycarbonate. Next thing you know, we are looking at a year-round, heated greenhouse with lights and I’m ordering a dwarf citrus tree or two!

Oh, but the assembly….. Wow what a project. You know that one time in your life when you started something, then realized it was WAY bigger than you had anticipated, and realized you might not have the necessary skills to complete it? But it was a BIG thing, not one you could just tuck away, like learning to throw pottery or playing the cello, where you might just …. quietly…. stop… and hope no one would notice? Not with the greenhouse, a clear and clarion statement to the neighborhood that MUST be completed or you would die of shame…..

Well, can I just say, I’m so grateful that it’s done!

For some of the instructional videos, watch here:

What I’m Reading: I am seriously ten pages to the end of Mademoiselle Chanel, and of my goodness, I can’t recommend it enough. A book of entrepreneurial spirit, grit, determination, thinking out of the box, and of course a woman forging her own path LONG before any women were considered able to do anything of the sort. Plus, humanity, mistakes, arrogance, pride and failure. Add in both world wars, the Nazi occupation of Paris, orphans, abandonment, and passion and vision – this is a novel to consume in one sitting, and then start right back over again at the beginning and read it slowly.

Web Tip: Use your content to educate your end user. This will not only bring them back to your site as a resource, but will also position you as the leader and expert in your field and in your area!

Quote I am Pondering: “I do not regret having been deeply unhappy to begin with.” – Coco (Gabrielle) Chanel