best real estate websitesWhat I’m Laughing About:

Well folks, this is the latest “Words” yet. Instead of coming out on Friday in advance of your weekend, here we are more than halfway through Saturday. But I feel like this (while humorous) is also a really good example of having a breakdown/failure, but instead of just throwing in the towel and being like, ‘Screw it, no one will notice, I can just do it next week and pretend that nothing happened,” I can choose to own it, accept it, and do my best to get this email out, even if later than usual.

I read all the time that what really trips people up is not the first failure – like, overindulging in the ice cream realm – but the little voice that chimes in and says, “Hey you already screwed up your diet, why not eat the entire tub?” So often, that little voice wins. It’s incredibly easy to let a little setback trigger a cascade of giving up on your goals.

So with that little nugget, I hope you are having a wonderful, happy and relaxing weekend. And please, eat a little ice cream for me if you have any!

What I’m Reading: I’m happy to announce that I read a book JUST FOR FUN this week, which was much needed. I quickly started and finished a book by Denmark’s bestselling crime novelist, Sara Blaedel called The Stolen Angel. I love her writing and her unusual villains are captivating.

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Quote I’m Pondering: This week, I came across this poem and really enjoyed it. I hope you do as well.

Shelter in Place “

Long before the pandemic, the trees
knew how to guard one place with
roots and shade. Moss found
how to hug a stone for life.
Every stream works out how
to move in place, staying home
even as it flows generously
outward, sending bounty far.
Now is our time to practice—
singing from balconies, sending
words of comfort by any courier,
hoarding lonesome generosity
to shine in all directions like stars”.
—-Kim Stafford