best real estate websitesWhat Made Me Laugh This Week:

This one I just had to watch over and over. With my ongoing love affair with grey squirrels, you can imagine what a smile it put on my face!
What I’m Reading: I’m still reading Spillover, on the VERY last chapter (it’s a pretty long book!). But today I’m also reading music – as in, the first two measures of the Bach Cello Suite No. 1. I’m not really ready for the string crossings yet, so I’m playing it in a variety of ways, including double stops and plucking, and working on different possible rhythms in the progression – alternatives to classical. It feels like a blessing to just move between these four simple chords, honestly. It’s been a long, long week and I need music now more than ever, but it’s so hard to relax and focus on it for more than five minutes at a time without checking the news. Anyone with me there?
Real Estate Tip of the Week:
New! We want to welcome Jennifer Kallio, Owner/WA Broker at Dryside Property to our regular weekly email! Here’s her tip for this week, and to learn more about her, click HERE to go to her website!
Jennifer K’s Two CentsIt is a stressful time right now for many being bombarded with information coming at us from all different directions….the news media…our national, state and local Realtor Associations…the MLS’s we subscribe to, etc. … and as helpful as they are all trying to be in this time of uncertainty, take some time away from it all. Being bombarded by the same information over and over again can exacerbate its importance to an exaggerated level. It’s helped for me to take a step back, take in small amounts of information, and for example, delete the repetitive emails about COVID-19 out of my inbox without reading them. The fear of the unknown can often breed anxiety. Hang in there as I believe this situation will improve, not only for our country economically, but also for our micro markets that we serve.
Quote I’m Pondering:
The soul should always stand ajar…. – Emily Dickinson