What Made Me Laugh (or Cry, or Both):

This week, there was SO MUCH. But this was my favorite laugh this week, from my friend and rock-star real estate superhero, Ben Kinney. He posted this on his Facebook feed and gave me permission to share with you. Enjoy!


Tonight, Gov. Jay Inslee spoke directly to Washingtonians to announce he will sign a statewide order that requires everyone in the state to stay home. The order will last for two weeks and could be extended.

He made a few important announcements.

1. Stay home.

2. You can leave home for walks or nice scenic bike rides.

3. No non essential businesses are to operate. List of non essential businesses are online and confusing.

4. Real Estate is not considered essential but title and escrow might be.

5. Liquor stores and pot shops are fine though. Which is good because I might start drinking after I run out of brownies.

So on Thursday I will be hosting some bike rides through prime Bellingham neighborhoods as part of a unique architectural tour focused on homes that have special features namely “that the seller would sell if there wasn’t a quarantine.”

We must ride 6’ apart and no more than 9 buyers (I mean neighbors) may join me at a time. No homes in hilly neighborhoods are available at this time.

Must sign liability waiver – (AKA buyers agency) agreement prior to bike ride.

Real Estate Tip: Our team, more seriously, also created a list of creative ways to keep sane and stay working at this time, it’s on our blog HERE.

What I’m Reading: I’m not reading at all this week, absolutely no time. All I’m doing is working to update websites and help people find resources and such. I did start a cool new site with my friends at the Washington State Tourism Alliance though… check it out, www.ShowWaLove.com

Quote I’m Pondering: “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”― Leon C. Megginson

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