What I’m Grateful For: Cats best real estate websites

Oddly, I don’t think I’ve written about how grateful I am that there are cats in this world before. And trust me, I love dogs too. But I have a deep and profound appreciation for the feline kind, and there’s nothing quite like them in the known universe, at least not that I’ve experienced.

Cats are completely self-contained and aloof….. until they’re not. Then they are incessantly needy and purring and kneading and in your face staring at your with huge crazy eyes like they are hungering after the essence of your very SOUL…. Then suddenly they are completely self-contained again and can’t be bothered to even give you a lazy ear flick as you try to engage in some kind of interaction.

Cats also love boxes, and camouflage, and even though scientists tell us they can’t see colors, I swear they can and prefer to hide in plain site, carefully curling up in the exact perimeter of some object the same exact color of them, just to startle you as you walk by and they extend a swift claw to your innocent ankle.

I love to watch the cats as they watch the world. The combination of their independence, cuddliness, whisker-twitching intentness, and high neuroticism makes them endlessly fascinating for me.

My favorite time is when my new cat, “Kitten”, curls up with my older cat “Carlton” – she looooooooves him and will literally hug him while she sleeps, reaching one paw over his back and squeezing. He tolerates it better and better these days. Now I’d even swear he likes it, although I doubt he’d ever admit it.

That wouldn’t be very independent now, would it?

best real estate websitesWhat I’m Reading: The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz. This book was recommended on some blog or another and it immediately caught my attention. It’s really an interesting read so far, focused on the nature of how the inherent structures in our lives pull us away from our goals, even as our intentions pull us towards them, resulting in an oscillation effect that keeps us always “one step forward, two steps back.” For example, take an intention to lose weight. Imagine yourself as a little figure with two rubber bands around your waist, one connected to the wall to your right (eat fewer calories and lose weight!) and one connected to the wall to your left – your body’s natural hunger and cravings. The more you move to the right and adhere to your goal of reducing calories and losing weight, the stronger the pull from your left of your hungry body and mind craving some relief. Now if you really look carefully at the image, you’ll soon realized that as you move further to the RIGHT – the tension of the “rubber band” between you and your goal weight steadily decreases as you approach your goal – less incentive/distress because you are making real progress!! – but the stronger that pull of the natural state of your body and mind craving more calories and treats. More on this next week as I continue on. It’s a fascinating read so far!

Web Tip: Data as of Jan 2018 suggests that there is a 600 percent increase in Facebook interactions when a video posted. Consider working video into your marketing plan!

Quote I’m Pondering: “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” – Leonardo da Vinci