Hello dear readers, the holidays are upon us! best real estate websites

I find that the holidays are a time where everything gets a little magnified – a little bigger, more intense, more emotional. Whether it’s the joy of spending time with your quirky family – or the sheer agony of spending time with your quirky family – each moment of the holiday season feels more weighted, more poignant, more memorable.

This can make the holidays more delightful and meaningful – or more stressful and challenging.

I have had several years that I honestly wish I could forget – the two years before my divorce were utterly heartbreaking during the holiday season, and I have such searing memories of driving on the wintery roads, tears streaming down my face…These were not the holidays I wanted, but they were the ones I got.

But this season, I can remember those times, and feel a huge sense of gratitude and relief that those are not the holidays I’m having this year… this seems small in so many ways, but it’s not. It’s a massive thing to be grateful for.

Several of my dear friends are having a difficult holiday season right now – the death of a loved one, the illness of a sibling – and my heart goes out to them and to any of you that are having the holiday that you didn’t want, but you got anyways.

To all of you, love and solace and comfort, and may you feel peace and a small spark of joy despite the storm right now…. and for those of you who are having the holiday you DO want, joy and love to you and take a special delight in having such a glorious, sweet time.

May you all be blessed,


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