What I’m Grateful For: Waiting for the Bus the best real estate websites

The weather is getting chillier in the mornings and it is harder than ever to venture outside in the early hours of the morning to drive my daughter the 4 miles down the hill to get her to the bus stop. We try to get the car started a few minutes in advance, to clear the frost and warm the interior a bit. Then it’s sailing down the hill we go, coffee in my hand, backpack in hers. Nearly at the bottom is the best part of each morning. There’s two girls we get to pick up at the bottom of their driveway, Penny and Clementine. They tumble into the car, bright-eyed with red cheeks from the cold, giggling and chattering and generally talking about nothing that matters much to me, but obviously matters to them.

It’s a morning dose of silliness, giggles, cold hands and noses – something that I find myself so very grateful for.

What I’m Reading: Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott. Ok everyone, this is one of those books that, in my mind, could have been handled in a single essay or long article. The central argument is solid – real, authentic and raw conversations are key to creating better relationships, both professionally and personally. It’s filled with excellent quotes and pull quotes – but they feel incongruous and haphazard, often diverting your attention from the author’s point in that section, not clarifying it. I felt like an intern was in charge of going through the manuscript and putting quotes randomly throughout on sticky notes, not actually reading the material on each page and selecting the most pertinent phrase to reinforce the message. I really wanted to like this book but it’s too long, often contradicts itself, and is fluffy. Ok, there I said it. Next week, I’ll find a new one!

Web Tip: Golden Rule #8 of Visual Hierarchy for your website: The importance of negative space in your designs. Give your website depth, balance and flow by drawing attention to your focal point with negative space.

Quote I’m Pondering: When people will not weed their own minds, they are apt to be overrun by nettles.”― Horace Walpole