What I’m Grateful For: Forgetting Things best real estate websites

So at the end of last week, I had a really scary experience and almost lost my be beloved, 110 year old commercial building in grand downtown Twisp, Washington. If it wasn’t for forgetting something, I would be having a completely different month right now.

I had left my office at five or so, heading home…. but I forgot my new camera, so I turned around and headed back to office. When I got there, everything seemed normal – a kids’ aerial silks class was going on with much exuberance in the yoga studio downstairs, as I meandered up the stairs. I wandered around for a minute or two on the landing, because I smelled a bit of smoke and I figured it was due to all the burn piles around town, but I was looking to see if it was around some dusty corner or another. Finding nothing, I headed back to open my office door…..

….and was confronted by nothing but thick, choking and opaque smoke. I was completely shocked – it seemed to be pouring out of the vents and light fixtures in the ceiling. I ran downstairs to let my friend and silks instructor Sarah know, and she immediately evacuated the kids and ran upstairs to help while I called 911 and spent an agonizing amount of time on the phone with dispatch (whom I finally hung up on). I ran down to shut all the building’s power off while Sarah darted up into the attic, barefoot, with a fire extinguisher in hand. She couldn’t see any flames and ran back down just as the first of many, many fire trucks pulled up…..

Long and short of it, the heat pump in the attic had a limit switch that failed to kick in – and if I hadn’t had forgotten my camera, my beloved old building would have been a pile of ashes and bricks. So I am feeling so grateful, and blessed, for the most mundane of human tendencies….. forgetting things.

What I’m Reading: This week has been a lot of nutso, so I haven’t read much. But I HAVE just started a book called Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott – it’s all about how life occurs, essentially, in a series of conversations…. ones we have, ones we botch, ones we SHOULD have had but ran away from, and so on. I promise more next week – I’ll read up this weekend!

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Quote I’m Pondering: “Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.” – Margaret Wheatley