What I’m Grateful For: Many Irons in the Fire

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So this week, I have had so many different things happening on all the various fronts, that it’s been challenging (to say the least!) to keep up with it all. Often that feels stressful and somewhat overwhelming, but it has really been occurring to me this week that there’s SO much abundance of creativity and fun projects and exciting things that are happening – and that’s a source of deep delight for me and for my teams as well. In particular this week, I am so excited to see the launch of a fall tourism TV commercial that we all worked very hard on, with the help of an extremely talented videographer named Rick Stewart. I invite you all to take a break from the ordinary and enjoy this little slice of my beloved home, Okanogan County

PS – That’s my daughter’s horse in there too 🙂

What I’m Reading: I took a TOTAL break from the self-development and business reading this week, I am reading Story of a Sociopath by Julia Navarro. Written from the point of view of a sociopath, this novel begins in the protagonists’ childhood. The narrative is of a mind organized and oriented in a completely alien, unfamiliar way, but it has a curious magnetic quality… It truly puts you in a mind so foreign, so unmoved by the normal yearnings and fears that we tend to experience, that it’s utterly captivating to read. I highly recommend it and would love to hear back from anyone who has read it.

Quick Web Tip: Golden Rule #6 of Visual Hierarchy for your website: judicious use of whitespace can turn a congested, busy website into a sophisticated and elegant experience that your visitors actually want to stay on and interact with.

Quote I’m Pondering – “I have heard that we are spirits having a human experience. Perhaps those of us who have no conscience are dark spirits having a human experience.” ― P.A. Speers