What I’m Grateful For: Birds best real estate websites

Last night when I got home from work and got out of the car, I heard what sounded like a strange hawk or falcon that I didn’t recognize. I walked around the yard, squinting into the sunset, looking for the source. I heard the cry again, shrill and piercing – and CLOSE! My eyes darted to the top of the tall pine that stands sentry over my pond… and there was my “hawk” – the blue jays are back! And now they learned to be hawks! They are bouncing and cavorting around the pine trees, pretending to be birds of prey, and terrifying all the songbirds and finches and probably the rodents too.

I love these crazy birds so much. They are a little tribe and disappear for long stretches of time, then show back up again with a bag of new tricks. I am grateful for all the birds I get to see and live with, but these ones are the most fun!

What I’m Reading: This week I’m reading Triggers – Creating Behavior that Lasts. by Marshall Goldsmith. Absolutely packed full of actionable, researched information, this book is completely wowing me and I’m only halfway through. One key takeaway I absolutely love…… When you are leading a team of people, if you are doing a good job, you tailor your instructions based on the situation and the team member – sometimes a situation needs a coach, sometimes it needs structure and a plan, sometimes it needs a clear procedure that must be followed to the letter, sometimes motivation and empowerment are needed….. This makes perfect sense! But if you turn it around on yourself – and realize that “you the planner who makes the morning lists” is no the same you as the “one who must do the thing that must be done at 2pm after a big lunch….” – well, then you have access to tailor the orders better for the tired, grumpy, reluctant “you” that will be expected to be doing something meaningful in the late afternoon! POWERFUL way to frame a day for best results!

Quick Web Tip: Check on your outbound links (links on your website that lead to other websites) make sure that they are all correct and up-to-date. If the link has been changed it will show up as a 404 error page. You will need to get the new link updated on your website, so that it doesn’t negatively affect your search engine rankings.

What I’m Pondering: I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm. – Franklin D. Roosevelt