This is the last Friday of July 2019! I cannot believe how this month has flown. August is nearly here, and I haven’t been in the water once so far! I better do something about that this weekend….best real estate websites

On another note, I am so happy to let everyone know that our new Mercury IDX is becoming available to pretty much every area that we currently serve, so if you haven’t taken a look at it yet, please do. It’s still in beta mode, which means that we are finding and fixing bugs that pop up here and there, but we are doubling down on those and it’s bearing so much fruit for our clients! I appreciate each and every one of you who have jumped on board and helped us find the last pesky bugs so we can put the final polish on this BEAUTIFUL new product!

One of the newest items that we will be releasing soon – possibly even next week – is a dynamic, flexible opt-in system that allows you to personally create custom-tailored messages for your audience to encourage them to sign up with you. I’ll tell you all about it, with screen shots, as soon as it’s live – hopefully within the next week or so!

Have a wonderful last weekend of July everyone…. I hope you get to enjoy a little rest and relaxation (or adventure, if that’s your preference!)