Mid July…. here in the mountains of Eastern Washington State, July often means a lot of lightning-sparked wildfires …. but to my relief this July has been unusually rainy and the thunder hasn’t been accompanied by many direct lightning strikes.

This is the month I, and many others, remember the wildland firefighters that we’ve lost – some of them so very, very close to our hearts here in my community and my family. Thirty-mile, Yarnell, Storm King, Twisp River. So many more. Honestly I really can’t write anymore, because I’m crying at my keyboard now. All I can say is how grateful I am that there are brave, courageous people in our world that fight to keep our homes, our lives, our lands, safe. Thank you all.

If you want to do something to help, consider supporting the Eric Marsh Foundation…. Wonderful organization with heart, vision and mission. https://ericmarshfoundation.org/