Happy Friday everyone!

WEEEEEE what a WEEK!!! I have a good friend and client, Rick Stewart, the owner of American Zealot Productions. He and I worked out a few projects so we just spent pretty much this entire week filming! We got a chance to get the Cevado team, all their dogs, everyone hanging out and playing pool, (also some working time I promise) and a bunch of footage around the surrounding area and up north to the Canadian border.

It was such a totally different break from what we normally do – refreshing, funny, nerve wracking and out our our comfort zones – but what a fun experience it was. I can’t wait to share some clips with you! Also, we got inspired to put together a dog staff page on our Cevado site, so stay tuned for that next week. We really are into dogs here it turns out! Some of us do like cats too… 🙂

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!

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