Hello everyone!

I’m sitting here at my desk and outside, there’s a torrential downpour in the works. Flash flood warnings, hail, lightning – crazy weather day!

But just a week ago, things were WAY too dry for this time of year and we were all hoping for rain.best real estate websites

This kind of weather pattern is not uncommon, but today it made me think about how we are with our people – sometimes not nearly enough, sometimes way too much. And I am thinking about how we could go about changing that.

Often, we neglect a friend or a teammate (not intentionally, just out of business or distractions). This goes on for long enough, and they begin to feel bad, maybe to act out or try to get our attention – and then suddenly it’s an emergency, and our attention is on them and finally focused in their direction, for long enough that things get resolved. But then…. the cycle begins again, and the neglect returns, and then the hurt feelings, and everything repeats itself.

How could we go about creating small ways to keep a little flow of positive energy, in every place in our lives where it’s needed, without totally consuming our mental capacity to do the work and solve the problems that we have set forth for ourselves to do? I’m looking for ideas here, reminders, tips, ways to show you care without overextending….. do you have any ideas for me? Any thoughts on how you’ve approached this in your own life?

I hope you have an amazing weekend and I hope the weather gods are kind to you, wherever you may be.