I hope you have some good weekend plans…. Mine revolve mostly around yard work (so it’s really good that I love yardwork!)

Today I was thinking about how we just do the same thing over and over again and then wonder why we are not getting different results.

I know we’ve heard this before, hundreds of times. Yet, I think if we took a little time to reflect, we’d see so many places where we just hadn’t thought to do things any differently.

So why is this? Well, I actually think it’s incredibly simple – our brains are wired to sort and filter information down to a management level. Very, very little of what we see, hear, experience, etc makes it to our conscious level and awareness. Similarly, imagine how difficult your daily life would be if you wondered how to approach everything you do every day. What if you sat staring at the tube of toothpaste, considering every way that you could open, squeeze, arrange it on the toothbrush, which hand to use, what side of your mouth to begin with, how to brush. What if you really broke it down and evaluated and tested and tried every options and every possible combination, wrote down your findings and studied them?

Well, obviously this would probably be a big waste of time. But in our routines and habits and daily grind, we assume that we are doing things the way that they should be done, and our brains just keep us sailing along, so we have plenty of time for Netflix or whatever else occupies our time and minds. It usually requires someone from outside to bring our attention to a different possibility, another way of doing things, a better alternative.

For my most recent example, I have been struggling with my fish in my little pond. For about a year or two, they have been disappearing, but with NO evidence of any predators. Finally, late one night I was walking out in the yard and an ENORMOUS silent creature glided right over the pond, inches from my head. It was a great horned owl, and I suddenly realized that was who had been robbing my pond! But what to do about it? I didn’t want to put one of those black nets over, because I don’t want to hurt any owls and I’m sure that in the night they could get terribly tangled in those nets and injured. So today when I was at a garden shop, I saw they had strung white twine in a starburst pattern over their pond. I asked the proprietor and for them, osprey are the problem. I figured this could work for owls just as well, they are sure to see the bright white strings! So bought some twine, three koi, and now…. we wait and see.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone…..