Massive Action

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the word, ‘action.’ Taking action, being in action, massive action – those phrases have been running through my head lately.

Partly I think this is due to the fact that I’ve been really observing people around me, and seeing where they are on the “action continuum” (yes, I made that up!) – like a little scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being NO action and 10 being constant action.

Many people, if not most, tend to want to wait to take an action until “the right time.” Which I completely understand – I know how that yearning for someday when everything is ready and all the ducks are lined up and things are calm and the mind is clear and YES UNIVERSE TODAY IS THE DAY WE ACT!

But those people don’t ever seem to get anywhere. The people who ARE getting places and doing things, are taking action all the time. Little actions to prepare for the big ones. Big actions as soon as possible. Constant action that supports the commitments and decisions that were put in place in the past. Plans for future action that are spoken aloud, written down, with dates and deadlines, with friends or accountability partners…

The most important kind of action I’ve been observing lately is the kind of small, habitual daily action that creates the possibility for A Really Big Action sometime in the future. For example, you know you want to buy a house someday. So you act TODAY by marching into the bank and setting up a new savings account, and naming it New House Savings Account. Then setting up that monthly auto-transfer. This kind of “little” action is precisely the work that you don’t see someone doing (unless maybe you are married to them) – but this kind of little, seemingly insignificant action is what allows for the Really Big Action one day in the future, when you are able to purchase that house, buy that property, invest in that dream.

What kinds of “little” actions do you already practice? Or what kinds of little actions would you like to commit to? I would love to know.