Hello dear clients and readers!

Last week I attended a truly amazing conference from Ben Kinney. Called Win – Make – Give, it was three massively packed days devoted to leadership, business profitability and giving back to the world. If you have the opportunity to attend next year, I highly recommend it! Meanwhile, here’s my first takeaway that I would like to share with you. best real estate websites

The foundation of true leadership is not great public speaking, shining charisma, or even a wealth of knowledge on a topic. In fact, researchers have been stymied for years trying to pin down what makes a great leader, as the obvious personality qualities and skill sets are SO incredibly contradictory. Introverts, extroverts, experts, big talkers, quiet talkers, great managers, disorganized managers – all types have been observed leading powerfully and with purpose.

So….. what makes a great leader?

One foundational piece appears to be “self-leadership” – the ability to manage, control and lead oneself. This sounds easier than it really is! But it’s a cornerstone that is a hallmark of the ability to lead. Self-leadership is the discipline and habits of doing what you must do, to ensure you do what you’ve said you would. It includes things like managing your energy so you can do what you need to do, managing your thoughts so you don’t get constantly derailed by your own mental chatter, and learning how to exercise emotional self-control in tough times and situations.

That last one made my list of my #1 thing to work on this month! I’m looking at it like “emotional weight lifting” and using every possible opportunity (and trust me there are many!!!) to work to hone my ability to maintain emotional equilibrium, no matter WHAT the circumstances. Even further, if my emotions are triggered despite my best efforts, I’m working on my ability to keep them absolutely contained and under wraps, no matter what. I will choose times and places, with intention and care, to process anything that I need to figure out and vent to a careful few that I trust deeply to challenge my stories and that will hold me to my highest self. I am intending to make April 2019 the month I become an “Emotional Ninja Master!” ….. Wish me luck!!

“If you aren’t the one who is controlling your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions then you are one who is being controlled.” ― Clyde Lee Dennis