This week I’ve been at a conference in Bellingham, Washington all week so I’m drafting this Words in the wee early hours of the morning before I head back into the conference.

I could have made up so many really great reasons why I couldn’t possibly write Words this week. I’m incredibly busy, this conference runs from 7am to 9pm all week and it’s packed full of incredible value and meaningful connections. There’s all kinds of reasons “why” I could have let myself off the hook this week. After all, I “deserve it” – right? Best Real Estate Websites

But that’s the nifty thing about what you might call “being your word.” I am not my word perfectly. I often say that I’ll get a thing done and then get derailed, I’m not impeccable with my word.

But I want to be. I’m striving to be. Especially in the small, personal ways that I have utter control over.

For example, I have less than perfect control over the delivery date when it’s not me leading a team of developers to create a new IDX with a majillion moving pieces and lots of people that are all playing different roles.

So when I have only myself to rely on, and only myself to blame, I am striving to be impeccable with my word. And this week, that’s what Words is about! Doing what needs to be done BECAUSE YOU SAID YOU WOULD, even when life got a lot more complicated and messy and busy than you thought it would.

How do you show up as YOUR word? Or how do you sometimes fail? I would love to hear more.