Why did we make our new IDX Map-Focused?

“Our brains are built for maps. We humans are visual creatures – we need to picture something to really understand it… Maps are one of the best tools ever invented for illustrating and exchanging ideas.”

-excerpt, All Over the Map, a Cartographic Odessey

The human mind is exquisitely able to take in and comprehend vast quantities of information that come at us from our physical surroundings. We can make what are called “complex, multivariate distinctions” when presented with rich levels of physical, real-world information.

For an example, let’s imagine that you are taking your family to a popular beach in Hawaii. You get everything out of the car, sling it over your shoulders, and you, your spouse, your teenager and your two toddlers head to the beach.

You want to find a spot that includes the following requirements – some sun for you, so you can get a tan, but shade immediately nearby, so your spouse (a redhead) won’t burn. You prefer privacy, but your teen would like to be near others closer to her age. Your toddlers can’t swim yet, but they want to be in the water, so you are looking for a spot close to calm, shallower water. Ideally, you will not have to be too far from the bathrooms. And finally, you want to spread out and have a rock to set your book and sunglasses on.

As you survey the beach, very few of these issues are in your conscious mind – but you “easily” and without a whole lot of fuss find a great spot that has all your requirements. You do so by scanning a lot of datasets that are in front of you, and your subconscious mind swiftly eliminates all the “wrong” spots and leaves you with a couple options, that you and your spouse evaluate with only a mutual glance, a quick nod, and off you go to lay out your towels and get the kiddos in the water.

This entire scenario doesn’t even register as a feat worth mentioning, because it was so natural and easy.

That is why our new IDX is map-focused. Humans have been creating maps of all kinds to communicate with each other, to remember things, to expand understanding, since time out of mind. Pirate’s treasure, land surveys, topographic hiking maps, Tolkien’s imaginary maps of Middle Earth, maps of the solar system, maps of stars, maps of roads and waterways…. The list is infinite.

When you and your clients use the new, map-focused Cevado IDX, you’ll be empowering the ease and facilities of the unconscious mind to absorb large quantities of information in a deceptively simple, effortless way. Our designers used cutting-edge theories of user interface design coupled with classical principles of timeless design, to create an interface that is so calm, so elegant, and so simple that you are essentially unaware of all the information that is being communicated, easily and clearly, in a way that gives the user exactly what they wanted – a fresh, uncomplicated and fun experience looking for their new home, land or rental.

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Happy 2019!!!