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Real Estate Tip: A fun fact for this week- 2019 has already broken a record in the real estate world: a billionaire bought a penthouse overlooking Central Park for $238 million, making it the most expensive real estate transaction in U.S. history.

Families. Oops, I Mean, Teammates

The launch week for our new IDX is fast approaching and everyone is digging in deep. We are not a big team, in fact, we are very small and our office feels much like a family room in the basement of a noisy house.

I say family in the true, unvarnished sense of the word. Like where odd quirks and annoying habits have gotten under our skins, just as much as the friendship and casual enjoyment of each other’s company have become a daily experience.

Families and teams – they can prop you up, and they can let you down. Your feelings get hurt, people don’t always notice the hard work you put into something (that website, dinner, the clean laundry). That stings. But sometimes Vicky brings in bagels, and everyone is so excited for some warm carbs and soft cream cheese.

One day, you are floored by how kind and supportive someone is. Another day, you are shocked by that same person’s insufferable lack of gratitude and the annoying way they chew their food.

Just like with our families, we rely on our teammates, even when we don’t like it. We are here for each other, but as we are also here for ourselves – for our paychecks, for our jobs, to feed ourselves, to put a roof over our heads. There’s a grace that can be found in getting hurt and trying to sort it out and finally, hopefully, really getting resolution – or sometimes just smoothing it out and letting time do the rest.

I see this team as family to me, a lot more than they know.

What I am pondering: “One thing my family has shown me is that having a sense of humor is everything” – Zoey Deutch