Quick Web Tip: Clean out the clutter – Make sure all aspects on your website are clear and to the point. Your clients can always contact you for more information!

Real Estate Tip: personally surveyed hundreds of agents and discovered these common failures for you to overcome so, you can sell MORE homes without having to spend less time with your family in 2019!

The 7 Most Common Commitment Failures preventing Agents from selling over 3 homes a month!

Commit to overcoming these 7 areas and see massive growth so, you can spend more time with your family this year!

1. Not 100% committed to Health & Fitness

2. Phone Avoidance – Missed calls are far too common in real estate

3. Failure to make a call to action consistently – 30% of buyers and sellers said they rely upon their agent for advice. Therefore, If you don’t ask they won’t act.

4. Failure to use all forms of communication… email, text, facebook Instant Message, Phone

5. Losing personal contact after initial appointment…It isn’t about increasing the number of appointments it is about retaining relationships.

6. No daily, measure, actionable commitments

7. When there is nothing to do, they do nothing

Why Choose Cevado?
Because of the people.

Yes, you read that right. The people.

You might be thinking, but aren’t you a tech company? Aren’t tech companies about technology, not people?

Well, sort of.

But ultimately, no.

When something goes wrong, what do you do? You pick up the phone, or you email support. You hit numbers on the keypad until your fingers get numb. You try to say words out loud for the voice recognition prompts to get you off that robocall and hopefully, someday soon, connected to a real live person, one who understands your frustration, one who can solve your problem and help you get back on track.

At Cevado, we know that our support team is our number-one priority. Solving YOUR problem is what keeps us up at night, planning solutions and mulling over new ideas. Being there for YOU to help you when you need it, is what has defined Cevado since our beginning, and still is what makes us who we are today.

Jeff. Sandra. Hailee. Vicky. Katie. Vanessa. Jenn. These names belong to our front lines, and they are here for YOU.

Jeff our Support Manager can be found fishing when he is not in the office even the morning before his daughters wedding as you see to the left!

I can’t think of anything more relaxing, can you?

What I am pondering: “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” — Steve Jobs