Here we are, 52 weeks later. A full year of writing each week. And this week, it’s Thanksgiving.

Today, this special Anniversary edition of Words will be from my team – each one of them shared a personal gratitude. These people are strong, smart, kind and good. They are the very best people I could ever imagine working with, and I am so grateful each and every one of them. I also want to tell their families how grateful I am to them, for allowing these incredible people to leave home every day and come to work as part of my team. I want to let everyone know that even when I’m rushed, or frustrated, or having a rotten day….. YOU are the best thing about Cevado and Earth & Sky. Each of you. Together and individually, THANK YOU and I am honored to be a part of your world.
–Jenn T.

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There is no way I can list all the things Im thankful for. It would be a very long list. But overall, Im thankful for my family, my home, my puppies, my work, my friends, my town, and sooooo much more…

Happy thanks giving all.
–Chris R.

My wife is truly my better half. She constantly inspires me to be a better human, a better husband, a better father, heck… just to be better. With 2 teenagers, 2 middle schoolers (so very soon to be teenagers), and a 2nd grader… our house is a constant buzz of activity, with each of our kids having their own sports and activities. Me, I am overwhelmed with just the thought of having to juggle all of that, but somehow she manages to juggle it all and put up with me at the same time.
I am truly grateful for everything that makes her who she is and everything that makes her an amazing mother, friend, and wife.
–Eric H.
Grand Master Ninjaneer

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“I’m thankful for many things in my life this year, my job, the place I live, but the biggest thing I am thankful for is the people I’m consistently surrounded by. Be it at my job, at my church or simply at my home, I am always thankful for the great people in my life.

They are always there no matter what to uplift, give, and support me and the others around them unconditionally, which sometimes isn’t the easiest thing to do. It gives me a sense of pride and appreciation to know them and call them my friends and family. I hope I can always extend the same hand they have given me over and over again.

Here’s to you all and have a great and thankful Thanksgiving surrounded by those you hold dear.”
–Hailee L.
Production Manager

This year has been nothing but work, work, work. And thanks to our hard work and dedication, my husband and I, are able to start building our starter home. I am extremely grateful for this and much more. I am grateful that my husband and I are able to have time with each other even with our crazy schedules and I also grateful for my friends, family, and friends that have become family. They are always there to tell me what I am doing right and especially there to tell me what I am doing wrong but always support me no matter what!
–Vicky V. 

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Each year rides like a roller: taking us high, low, and sometimes entirely upside down. Life goes by too fast to anticipate these changes and often you’re left hanging on, hoping that things get better around the corner. We spend so much time waiting for what’s next, we never realize that we’re often already where we want to be. I’m grateful for my partner and her family for grounding me and helping me realize that. Life isn’t the same by yourself and I’m am forever thankful for them always being by my side, riding along with me.
–David S.
Elite Master Ninjaneer

“Reflecting back on this last year, I am incredibly thankful, grateful, indebted to my friends and family who have chosen to actively love me and support me, even when it has been difficult on them. In a year where I could have easily lost hope and felt very alone, I instead feel built up. Thank you to those who want me to grow, thrive and follow my dreams. I aim to return the favor every chance I get. Oh, and I’m thankful for my bangs.” 😉
— Emily C.
Social Media Director 

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While our very own Jeff Field continues you to rank high on my gratitude list for his masterful jerky making skills and top notch support, this November I would like to give my thanks to my brother Sam.
He is currently a sophomore at University of Washington and it has been fantastic catching up with him and swapping stories about living in Seattle – which is a new experience for both of us.
I’m grateful that my brother and I always try to keep in communication with each other no matter how busy our schedules are. Whatever trials and tribulations face us I know that my brother and I will always be there for each other. I couldn’t have asked for a better brother!
–Alex L.
Elite Master Ninjaneer

“My kids’ imagination and their passion for learning!
Being a parent is not something that I ever seen for myself in my future but here I am with 2 energetic young humans! I absolutely adore their sense of imagination and questioning everything around them its wild. I was worried that their sense of their imagination would interfere with their learning or that it would be squashed out but they both have amazing teachers that work with their imaginative learning styles and it shows! (They are very upset that they have to take time off from school).
My first grader is reading chapter books and is able to stay engaged with them and acting out chapters of The Magic Tree House with his younger sibling. My Preschooler has been diving into the big question of ‘What’s out there?’ He enjoys looking at books of different stars/planets/galaxies and coloring pictures of what he thinks life on other planets would look like.
It is so cool to watch them grow and learn and I am incredibly thankful that I get to experience it with them!”
–Vanessa C.
Marketing Director/Sales Manager 

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This year I’m grateful for everyone that has supported me no matter my velocity or vector.
My plans and goals seem to change daily, and I’ve always had support from my family and friends regardless of whatever I set out to do.
I’m lucky to be where I am today, and the people and opportunities that’ve helped me get here are innumerable, and I just cant say thank you enough!
On a lighter note, a recently discovered barley allergy makes me extremely grateful that gluten free beer exists ?
–Tristan L. 
Elite Master Ninjaneer

I am thankful for my family, and the opportunity to raise them here in Chelan, WA.  And now that my kids are grown, they are also raising their children in this area as well.
I am also thankful for employment that allows me to stay in this valley, and the awesome people I get to work with.
–Jeff F.
Head of Client Support 

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“I am grateful for my husband, that we both can encourage each other in our dreams, are supportive and have fun.”
–Amy P.
Client Support/ Sales

“Alone Time: This year I am noticing that I am growing more and more grateful for my time spent alone.

In most of the years past I would avoid being alone as much as I possibly could, and now that I am growing older, and growing more in my various passions, I am finding that I am gravitating toward being alone more often than I am choosing to fill my time surrounded by other people. I am turning down party invitations, choosing to stay in rather than go out, and really leaning into my time by myself.

Choosing to be more selfish with my time has allowed me to do so many things that I had been putting off for years simply because I thought I didn’t have the time. This year I have chosen to be more intentional with how I spend my time, who I spend it with, and I am saying ‘No’ more than I used to and I feel that because of this, I have grown exponentially toward being the person I want to be, and doing the things I really care about.”
–Vada M.
Creative Director

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“I am incredibly thankful for my pig of a dog. She is just a dog, but sometimes I debate whether or not she was bred with a pig due to the absurd, pig-like noises she makes. I am so thankful for her, and how much she motivates me to get outside and chase adventures every single day. She is a wonderful dog and I am so lucky to be her mom.”
–Estrella C.
Content Manager 

“I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to live in such a beautiful place, and for a life partner to enjoy it with!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!”
–Gary M. 
Head of Tutorials 

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I am grateful for my family, my sister in particular. Even though she can be troublesome sometimes, she has always been there for me, for my wins, and my fails. I an also grateful for my big stinky dog Sampson, he just brings joy to my life every time I see him haha, and obviously my annoying mother.
Head of Snacks & Fun Facts