What I’m Grateful For: School Starting 

Back to school! For me and my team, it’s a return to the predictable rhythm of the school year – getting up early, going to bed on time, lunches packed and maybe new shoes and a set of new teachers and maybe some new friends. – Okay, this is about our kids, I admit – but it spills over onto us parents too! There’s a freshness to the new school year, a breath of opportunity to do it better than ever, all the possibilities with a particular span of weeks and months, holidays and vacation days, work and windows of play.

I think sometimes life would be so much more fun if we got to do ‘work’ like we used to be able to do ‘school’ – a rhythm of projects that has a set beginning and end, and a no-matter-what-happens-this-will-all-be-over-in-June-how-bad-can-it-be…?

Here’s to school, and to new possibilities!

What I’m Reading: This week I’m reading The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business, by Patrick Lencioni. I’m exploring ways to make my team stronger, and by doing that, make the company stronger. If you haven’t read Lencioni, I suggest you start with The Fiver Dysfunctions of a Team. Most of his books revolve around the key principles of how teams function (or don’t) and the surprisingly simple ways to uncover the various ways your team might be struggling.

One of the key foundational requirements for a vibrant, powerful team is Trust. And one of the easiest indicators that you do NOT have trust is if you don’t have honest, and even difficult, dialogue and conversations amongst your team. If people are not disagreeing, if they are not arguing, they may not trust each other – or YOU! – enough to have hard, but productive and valuable conversations. What do you think? How do you know if your team has a foundation of trust?

Nick’s Real Estate Tip: Here are 3 areas to consider in a brokerage in order for the move to give you the BOOST you are looking for….

SUPPORT – What support does the brokerage have to leverage your time, relationships and skills? Do they have operation support available for your closings, listing and leads? What technology do they use for client resource management? Who will answer your questions on the weekends or weeknights? AND who pays for all of these items?

LEADS – What opportunities for new business and clients are available and do they cost anything? Does the brokerage generate leads?

TRAINING – What does training look like at the brokerage and how will it boost my career! Is it the same old training we have all heard before about or is it relevant to today’s ever changing real estate marketplace.

Quick Web Tip: Google turns 20!!! Here is a look back at what Google looked like in its infancy:

Its wild to see that they only had 25 million websites indexed and now according to the Netcraft January 2018 Web Server Survey there are 1,805,260,010.

What I’m Pondering:

Instructions for living a life:

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Tell about it.

~Mary Oliver