What I’m Grateful For: Horses (aka, “Hard Work”)

Right now I’m sitting in my car, on my laptop, hooked up to my hotspot, writing this while I watch my youngest warming up her new horse, Theo (short for Prometheus – yes, she IS her mother’s daughter.) It’s hot and dusty but the sun just sank beneath the ridge and a slightly cooler breeze is just now rolling off the dry hillside. In short, it’s a perfect summer evening. And Lachlyn is going for a ride.

She’s privileged in many ways, but not quite the way you might think. She’s lucky to have adults around her who (constantly, incessantly, neverendingly) sing the praises of hard work, determination, grit and personal accountability. She’s lucky that I don’t have time to do every little thing with her and that she knows what boredom is, and solitude. She knows how to bust her little tushie setting up 150+ horse panels to help make this arena a reality. She knows how to face her fear and ride even when she doesn’t feel up to it.

She knows that groundwork comes before saddle time. That homework and chores come before relaxing. She knows that dinner requires cooking, then washing up after. She knows that dreams come with price tags – costs including money, time, energy and commitment even when you are too tired to lift a finger.

Tonight I’m grateful for horses – and every other dream that takes hard work and time to realize.

What I’m Reading: Sales EQ by Jeb Blount. I just started this one, so I’ll write more about it next week as well, but I’m very excited to dig into this exploration of some surprising and unexpected traits and types of emotional intelligence that are the hallmarks of “ultra-high performers” in the realm of sales.

Nicks Real Estate Tip: The information exchange- Next time you get an inbound phone call, I want you to think about information exchange (click here)

Quick Web Tip:  Use your Headings properly- Use your Headings (<“h1”>) and subheadings (<“h2”> <“h3”> <“h4”> etc). This is a great way to outline your webpage and they help non-visual users (including search engines) navigate and understand how the page is organized. For hyperlocal Search Engine Optimization always add in your location for example “Featured Listings in Las Vegas, Nevada” is much more hyperlocal than “Featured Listings”

What I’m Pondering: “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”— Winston Churchill