What I’m Grateful For: Solitude best real estate websites

I’m not an extrovert, but if you met me, you’d probably think I was. I’m not shy in the least and I’m a good conversationalist and it’s pretty easy for me to get others to open up and share. But what I love most is solitude… I love the vast emptiness of the room when I’m the only one in it (ok, me and the dog, possibly the cat, but they don’t really count.)

I can think my thoughts, pick up a book, put it down, turn on a podcast, take some notes, write some thoughts, explore some ideas. Maybe I’ll sit down at the piano. Sometime later I might wander out to the studio. I’ll get a flash of insight and no one is there to interrupt me from recording it, creating some action items around it, making a plan of attack.

It feels like an excess of bliss when I’m going to be completely alone for several days at a time. I imagine the expanse in front of me – what will I learn? What will I create? What will I discover about myself and the world around and within?

What do you do with your time alone? Do you dread it or do you relish it?

What I’m Reading: When by Daniel Pink.

Brilliant new book on the science of perfect timing – from when we do our best analytical thinking (for most people early to mid-morning) to when we do our best creative and inspired thinking (generally after the afternoon slump into the evening). But for night owls, the pattern is not the same as it is for the morning folks – you’re sure to enjoy this well-researched and very interesting book on when to do stuff and how risky it is to do stuff at the “wrong” times (like any medical procedure after lunchtime….!!!)

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Quick Web Tip: The original Gmail was originally offered by Garfield the beloved comic from the Sunday funnies. Garfield tried to branch into the tech world, Gmail was eventually bought out by Google and it has taken off from there!

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What I’m Pondering: Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god. -Aristotle