Google is changing up their data game, by May 25th, 2018, Google Analytics for Real Estate Websites if you have google analytics on your website you have probably received an email from Google in regards to that. Google is putting a limit on the data they save on the Analytics platform, if you want to save your entire data history follow the directions below. If you are an SEO client of ours, we have already taken care of updating the setting for you! If you are not an SEO client, don’t fret, we have included screenshots and a step by step to help you along the way.

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Analytics account

Step 2: Select the Property you would like to update setting on

Step 3: Click on the “Admin” tab on the bottom left-hand side of your screen (includes a gear icon, see photo below)

Google Analytics for Real Estate

Step 4: You should see three sections marked “Account” “Property” and “View” for this we are going to focus on “Property” the third option in the Property Section is going to be tracking info select this option (we are halfway there I promise)

google analytics for real estate websites

Step 5: Select “Data Retention” in the menu that expanded after selecting “Tracking Info”

google analytics for real estate websites

Step 6: In the first drop-down menu select “Do Not Automatically Expire”  *Make sure that “Reset on new activity” is switch is turned ON

google analytics for real estate websites

(Should look like the above photo)

Step 7: Click “Save” you will see a little yellow bar on top of the screen that says Success. (it comes and goes so quickly that I could not get a screenshot)

Google has released an awesome break down of the new data retention settings, you can check them out here!

Now we realize this is a lot of work, and not everyone has the time to personally handle these changes. That’s where we come in! We can help you with all the leg work! Contact us today!