What I’m Grateful For: Constancy

There are a few things that are fairly fundamental to success. Some of them are bright and shiny and fun – but others are much more drab and not really delightful in general. One of these is constancy – the practice of continuing to show up and show up as much as possible in the right way. Some days, showing up is easy and fun – you’re energized, the universe is aligned with you, the coffee was perfect, and your heart is singing. Other days, it seems impossible just to get out of bed. It’s raining, the car has a flat tire, your kids are ungrateful and whining, and you realize that you truly dislike nearly everyone around you. Those are the days where the practice of constancy – showing up anyways, faking it till you make it, doing the work that needs to be done with as much grace as you can muster – those habits will turn into the bedrock and the foundation of your success in life. It’s easy to show up when you feel like it. But to show up anyways, with a wry grin if you can’t muster a smile – in the long run, that’s what separates the winners from the losers. Chin up, head up, and show up. Your future self will thank you!

What I’m Reading: This week I’m going to take a short recess from the 12 Rules for Life and share about a new book coming out from right here in lovely Chelan … The Golden Mile: The Story of Tsillan Cellars. It’s a book written by the owner and founder of the award-winning vineyard and winery that helped put the Lake Chelan Valley on the “wine map.” It’s not quite published yet, so I won’t spoil it for you too much… but it tells a delicious and rich story of the terroir, the valley, the lake and the tremendous wines that are emerging from this AVA. I’ll send you a link as soon as it’s published so you can get a copy!

Quick Web Tip: Customers want you to meet you eye-to-eye, so use a language in your content that is fluid and easy to consume. You can also switch from a “we” and “our” standpoint to a “you”and “yours” – for example “Homes we just sold” could be changed to “You could be the next buyer to find your dream home!” Try looking at your content and even read it out loud to “hear” it from your customer’s perspective.

What I’m Pondering: “Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it.” – Stephen Hawking