What I’m Grateful For: Spring

Ok, you might be thinking, spring is great! I guess we are done with those strange, unsavory things to be grateful for…… well, not yet. I’m still on that rant. So here’s what spring brings to my neck of the woods…… Dead, soggy leaves matted and molding under the bare grey trees. Months and months of what the dog left behind in the snow, unburied and the same color as the leaves (so that your shoe is sure to land directly in it).

Odds and ends that got lost in the snow, such as a single mitten, a sock, dog toys…. they emerge sodden and mournful. But this is the chance to get outside, grab the rake and the shovel, and get going on what will be a swift and profound transformation from ugly and barren to soon…. rich, green and beautiful. Life is like that sometimes – the mess that needs to be cleaned up is right there in our faces – and it’s hard to visualize how beautiful things can become if we just put on a sweater, grab the rake, and get to work.

What I’m Reading: 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson. Rule #3: Make Friends with People Who Want the Best For You.

This chapter takes the old adage, “You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with”, and takes it to and even deeper and more thoughtful level.

As we go about life, it’s very easy to hang out with people that are fun, undemanding, and easy to be around. However, this may not always be the best choice… if those fun and easygoing people are say, unmotivated and jobless, or heavy drinkers, or love to gossip, they might be holding us in a pattern of accepting habits and behaviors in ourselves that we really would rather get rid of. And most likely, if you go about trying to get motivated, join the gym, drink less, and stop talking about other people, those exact same friends are very unlikely to appreciate the “new you” – in fact, they will probably try to encourage you to drop those new habits and return to your former self (a self that did not make them feel uneasy about their own habits!)

The inverse of those people might make you rather uncomfortable. They likely have high expectations, of themselves and of others. They are unlikely to smile indulgently as you reach for your fourth beer. They might look at you with disdain when you launch into a diatribe about your neighbor’s poor choice in sweatpants or hairstyles. On the other hand, they will be totally excited for your new promotion, and applaud you joining the gym and your new healthy grocery list.

When you are feeling discouraged and sorry for yourself, these latter friends are generally a little less indulgent of your distress – but they will likely have great ideas on how to move out of your situation. If you want to become an ever better version of yourself, make friends with people who want the best for you.

Quick Web Tip: Don’t lose traffic in a traffic leak (another domain siphoning traffic that should be destined for you domain). Make sure you know the common typos for your domain. Own the “typos” and redirect them to the correct URL. Then make sure you keep track of the traffic that is coming to your website because of these typo domains. For example, I have seen Cevado spelled a number of different ways: Sabato, cevato and I have heard it pronounced in really funny ways too “see-va-do”. We will probably never find a key chain with our name on it!

What I’m Pondering: “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” ― Socrates