What I’m Grateful For: Silliness 

I wouldn’t consider myself a very silly person. In fact it’s the opposite – I tend to be driven, serious and intense most of the time. But thanks to my eleven-year-old daughter and our 110-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback, my life is blessed with daily injections of utter silliness.

The dog is certain that he’s really about the size of a chihuahua, or maybe a yorkie. He tries to sit on Lachlyn any time he can find an opportunity. She’ll start pinching him in the ribs and then he tries to plop in her lap (mind you he’s far bigger than she is) and he does his best to get all four legs balanced on her as best he can (usually this means he’s sitting on her chest and his front legs are precariously on her kneecaps and she’s sprawled on the floor laughing.) At some point in all this, the cat (who’s been hiding in wait under the couch) ambushes the dog and the dog squeaks in fear and tries to cower under Lachlyn…. we all start laughing so hard we can barely breathe. Then the dog, who earlier was caught eating the cat’s food, passes gas and the room fills with toxic fumes and we all dissolve in a heap of utter silliness.

This makes me so full of gratitude. Laughter is so good for us, and silliness is a such great reason to laugh! There are other things that can make us laugh – sitcoms and jokes and stand-up comedians – but often those laughs come at the expense of someone else. The foundation of much that we find humorous can be rooted in the fear or embarrassment or shame of another individual. Sometimes it’s a caricature, a stereotype, a gross generalization. But silliness is just … silly! And all you have you to do is open yourself up, relax a little, and let yourself laugh…..So I wish for you a moment of silliness this weekend!

What I’m Reading: Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership by Bill Torbert. I ordered this book because of the HBR article I shared with you last week – it was an article about some of the key concepts in this book. And to my delight, while the article focused on 7 types of leadership stages, the book is really is about HOW to move from one stage to another, with very specific tools to develop your own personal awareness and transformation to effect massive change and growth. Even better, the book is about creating entire teams and organizations with a powerful leadership paradigm and culture. Really an exceptional read – rarely have I encountered a book with as many rich, unique concepts and tactics. Complete with homework assignments and tools to practice, I am loving it!

Quick Web Tip: when you are copying and pasting content onto your website make sure that you paste without formatting. There are two ways to do this, there is a paste as text button in our control panel (see screenshot) that you want to click before pasting or writing it on your computer’s notepad something that is just plain text formatting. The reason to get into this habit is so that your website page formats correctly while staying clean and professional.

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What I’m pondering: In case you wanted the definition…

sil·ly adjective

– ridiculously trivial or frivolous. synonyms: trivial, trifling, frivolous, footling, petty, small, insignificant, unimportant;