What I’m grateful for: Coffee (Part 3 of 3)

So one more and then I promise I’ll move on from coffee! This week’s gratefulness – coffee shops and the unexpected connections you can find. As most of you know, I live in a small town. And there’s this little coffee shop/ bakery called Cinnamon Twisp (it’s famous for – you guessed it – those amazing Cinnamon Twisps!). Last week I stopped in for my regular (4 shots, a little water, lots of cream) – and somehow in the course of about 10 minutes, I saw and reconnected with no less than five different people whom I hadn’t seen in at least a decade, and had known since I was in high school. It brought tears to my eyes. Usually I’m rushing so fast that I have someone go grab my coffee for me – but I realized last week that I really needed to take a minute and just walk in and get my coffee, being fully present, ready to reconnect or meet or greet whatever encounter was waiting for me. Life is right there rushing by us all – skip the drive through, walk in and get your coffee and see who might be there to connect with too!

And to say THANK YOU for reading all my coffee posts, my very good friends at the best coffee roaster I have ever know, Bob and Lori from Lariat Coffee have graciously offered a coupon for you Cevado readers – free shipping anywhere the US for coffee! Go to www.LariatCoffee.com and use code FREESHIPMAX5. You can order up to $75 of coffee and get free shipping. Fresh roasted in the Old West town of Winthrop, Washington here in the North Cascades!

What I’m reading – Well, I’m still reading last week’s book! So let me tell you what I want to be reading – I wish I was reading The Secret Life of Squirrels, in which a learned naturalist would tell me all kinds of fascinating things about the lives, loves and triumphs of squirrels. Why? Because just this morning, a big fluffy grey squirrel came up and knocked on my sliding glass door. I’m not joking, he scared the crap out of me! Unfortunately, this book does not exist. However, another book by that title, not quite what I was looking for but fun if you have kiddos, can be found here.

Tip from Nick– It’s a GIRL!!!!!!

Quick web tip – Check out the content on your site. Make sure that the words you are using are clear and understandable. Unless you are an academic or a nuclear physicist, you don’t need big fancy words on your site. Make sure everything is easy to read and approachable. 🙂

Random thing I’m mulling over – Anyone tried the Instapot? Yes, no, maybe? (Clearly I have been writing these posts while I’m also thinking about what to make for dinner. That or I’m just always thinking about food….. )