This time of year, we are prompted to think about what we are grateful for. (We are also prompted to eat too much and deal with our in-laws, but that’s not what this is about).

About three years ago, my daughter (then 7) was going through a long patch of complaining. Every day she woke up complaining about the day, the weather, school, friends – you name it, she was unhappy about it.

In desperation, I decided to try “mandatory gratitudes.” Every time she started complaining, I would demand 5 gratitudes. If she resisted, then it would become 10. Or 15. And the deal was, I had to match her gratitudes too.

By the time we were done, we would both generally be laughing a little at ourselves. And our day would become much better. And now, to be perfectly honest, she rarely complains at all.

Since then, I’ve read a lot about gratitude and the research is unanimous – a practice of gratitude is incredibly powerful for you and your life.

So with our national “day of gratitude” approaching, here are 4 simple and practical tips from me for ways to be more grateful every day:

  • Make it something you do at a particular time, like when you wake up or are brushing your teeth, or right before bed.
  • Try out having three ‘sections’ of your life – such as personal, work, and yourself – and think of one or two things in each area that you are grateful for.
  • Don’t let yourself be grateful for the same things – be specific and look for new things every day.
  • If you can’t think of anything to be grateful for, DON’T WORRY – the research has shown that just looking for something to be grateful for changes your mindset.

And what I am most grateful for right now? Well, it’s the team here at Cevado. They are incredible and remind me every day how lucky we are to be part of helping to make YOU and your business a success.

Fletcher and Blake (Sales), Eric, David, Alex and Tristan (Engineering), Chris, Vicky and Vada (Design) Sandra and Katie (Billing) Gary, Jeff and Hunter (Support) Carolyn and Hailee (Production) Vanessa, Rose, Skylar and Estrella (SEO), Gene (American Author Rep). These guys are the best!

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